Hello again! They have sent WordPress 5,3, and whenever it leaves a new update arises the doubt to us if it will be worth the trouble to update our Web or if this supposes some to us that another pain that head. Today in this post we will try to clear this doubt to you.

WordPress 5,3 brings many new features and, as you cannot either take to you all day reading, here we left some you for us are most outstanding. It remembers to always make a backup copy before updating, just in case.

New subject: Twenty Twenty in WordPress 5.3

In this new version we have a new subject: Twenty Twenty. WordPress every year creates a new subject by defect (good, counting excluding the Twenty Eighteen). What more flame the attention of this new subject is the number of possibilities that offers to personalize the Web: new colors, effects in images, menus¦

After the small deception with the old subject, Twenty Nineteen, this new one is quite clean and basic, thought for its use as subject bases to personalize. Also we must emphasize that it is the first subject that in particular brings variable source holder, that is to say, each source, is used a single file that all the complete family contains (cursive, different widths, etc.).

Verification of mail administrator

At first it cannot seem a great update, but pong¡monos in situation. I do not know if you will remember that WordPress 5,1 has a mechanism to detect the failures in plugins and, when does, notifies the administrator. And if the administrator changes of direction? We would remain outside our own site. WordPress 5,3 brings with himself a new mechanism to verify the mail of the administrator every six months from last login, solving the real problem that we raised at the outset.

Verification of e-mail in WordPress 5.3

Great image processing in WordPress 5.3

The form but easy to spoil our webpage is raising images; that if the image is small, that if it is doubled¦ Then, this new version will verify that the stop or width of each image is not over 2560 pixels, and if the case occurred, a version of the same suitable one will be generated (also conserving the original one), without deforming the image, so that you do not spoil your own webpage with photos of mistaken sizes.

That yes, is in the air the form in which it does, if it takes some additional optimization of the image or what type of algorithm uses to determine the proportions the photo.

Improvements in publisher Gutenberg

We know that in previous versions it has left much to be desired, but cannot forget important that she is Gutenberg in WordPress, being in the future not very distant center. In this last version there are many improvements that cause that this first impression changes. Here we named you most important:

Group of blocks

For us this is one of the improvements of more important Guterberg. So waited for group block it is a container of blocks for other blocks, that allows the administrator to have much freedom at the time of creating its content, giving him ampler alignments and colors basic.

Block group in Gutenberg, WordPress 5.3

Until now, to obtain this it was necessary to install plugin that it extended the blocks that Gutenberg by defect brings, or to create your own customized block to you, reason why we think that was a necessary improvement, and by the way, we are thankful that it has been implemented.

New Average Social block for Gutenberg

With this new block, we can show our profile of any social network. For it, we only must add the URL of the profile of the network that we select beating in his icon. The Average Social block will only show the networks that have the built-in URL.

New Average Social block of Gutenberg

Improvements in the block columns

This block always has let wish. He is frustrating to see how the width of the columns cannot be changed. Then in this last update, finally, this is corrected. From WordPress 5,3 we will be able to choose the initial structure of columns, as well as the width of each column. Without a doubt, the other improvement that more desire we had to see, next to the mentioned one previously on the group of blocks.

Improvement in the block of columns of WordPress 5.3

Improvements in the blocks of tables in WordPress 5.3

Another block of Guterberg that also begins to have some significant improvements. From now on, we will be able to use lines of heads and feet of columns or to choose alternate style of colors in the lines of the table, among others characteristic.

Improvement in the block of tables of WordPress 5.3

Improvements in the block image

Here a new predefined style of circle mask has been added as we see in the image. Again, it saves something to us of work and it increases the options of visualization for which they do not have CSS knowledge.

New block of image with circular mask

Local storage

A problem that presents the publisher of Guterberg sometimes is that it stops keeping changes or has problems at the time of doing it. This no longer will be problem, since now it will count on a support of local storage. When this is used and the copies do not agree, you will receive a notification so that you synchronize the local copy with which it is in the servant.

As we see, the team of developer of Gutenberg has put the batteries and a little easier is making us the life. it has let gusanillo at least to us see what comes in next the updates after these improvements.

Report Health of the Site

Another one of the things that have improved in WordPress 5,3 is the report of health of the site. In this new version he is simpler to improve to know the improvements that we can carry out in our Web, coverall for which is not computer science or developer. Concretely, we will be able to verify:

  • Yield: Up-to-date versions of WordPress and PHP, requests HTTP, verifications of REST API and SQL of the servant, etc.
  • Security: On subjects, plugins, safe connections, updates, etc.
  • Information: Useful information of our WordPress, as directories, sizes, servant, data base, permissions¦

Ah, by the way, the option is in the menu of Tools.

Health of the site WordPress 5.3

As you see, the world of the design Web and WordPress is in constant improvement because we are in an effervescent period technologically speaking. For that reason, if you need a company specialized in design Web , you do not doubt in calling to us.