Hello! If you dedicate to the positioning SEO, you are nomadic digitalis or you work for an agency and you do not know Keyword Surfer, be left you in the post and inform to you.

As or you know, it very little does one of the SEO tools the more basic, Keywords Everywhere, for previous studies, to take slight knowledge from some niche or to have a direction on certain key words, it happens to be a payment tool.

Operation of Keywords Everywhere

Making a review to be able to explain how Keyword Surfer works, I believe that the best thing is to explain a little first to you what is and how Keyword Everywhere works.

This tool is an extension of Chrome that you could install easily from the Chrome Store in your Chrome navigator, by all means. Once you installed the extension, you registered yourself and the tool facilitated a API to you key in the mail that you added in your profile of the tool and already was in march.

This tool was gratuitous and from the 28 of September of this year it has changed being a payment tool. The mechanism is simple, with 10 dollars of credit you have 100000 keywords that according to you look for you will be spending.

Then, one has not become a tool of total payment with subscription, is a tool of payment and use, as if outside a pre-payment of a mobile phone.

Alternative to Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Surfer appears as a superb alternative to Keywords Everywhere for the navigator of Google, Google Chrome.

This tool appears with the same information that Keywords Everywhere offered, but in this case with visual differences in the results.

How work does Keyword Surfer?

Its operation is even more simpler than the previous one. In order to unload the tool (always using Chrome navigator) it is as easy as to clickar here: To unload Keyword Surfer for Google Chrome

You unload it to you from the Chrome Store, you install it and it is not necessary to realise no registry. It only is to install and to use.

What offers Keyword Surfer?

It allows us to quickly observe volume search of several key words, one in particular or it offers volume to us of searches of similar key words. Also it offers information on the ranking of domains that offer the SERP.