Yesterday, Google sent to Google Site Kit, a complete tool for WordPress. Plugin on which already we had read something a few months ago.

One is plugin for WordPress of opened code, so characteristic as always in Google. This plugin is going to allow to see to us and to study how the people use our website.

One is plugin that connects the four platforms or more important tools of Google for us, the agencies of design Web, digital marketing and SEO: Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console.

How to unload Google Site Kit for WordPress

In order to unload this plugin we can go, as always, to the official webpage of WordPress or in this link:

If no, we can always go to the Plugins section > to us new A±adir > we wrote the name of plugin and beat to install.

What contributes to Google Site Kit to us in WordPress?

With Google Site Kit we can see numbers and numbers that contribute the platform to us of Analytics, for example. In order to form it, it is very easy, we only verified the property of the site and to use the configuration assistant.

I let to you here also how form Google Analytics of a simple form in WordPress if you want it to also learn.

What has this plugin that does it simple or more efficient?

Then we can form and receive notifications with specific data when we reached a record of visits in our Web, to see specific data of a Web as: impressions, users, sessions, from where the traffic comes (social networks, organic or referred), etc.

Integra also a very specific tool of Google to measure the speed of your Web: PageSpeed Insights, that will warn us of the pages that the necessary speed and recommendations of improvement for that page do not load in particular.

The connection with the platform of announcements of Google, Google AdSense, allows to see the yield us of an announcement, to make analysis or pursuit of the announcements. I have to yes say that these last information that are greener in this tool and we hoped that it improves with the next updates.

Advantages to use Google Site Kit

We commented the improvements to you that emphasize from Google in the description of plugin.

  • To review the main panel of weekly form and to verify if there are drastic changes in the way in which the people find our website. Something that of another way, we do it in Google Search Console.
  • To realise a pursuit of the yield of our last post published, verifying the information of each page of individual way.
  • To compare the pages with more yield and how our users find them.
  • To form PageSpeed Insights to verify the times of load of the page and how they affect those times to the rate by ricochet.