Today we make SEO for novices. Hello again, friendly.

After a time without writing because been very we have rolled with different projects and because we have taken some deserved vacation, we return to the old ways. We began!

I began in this of the SEO does about 4 years, and I began because she had a project Web that was mass media related to the analysis of telephones, gadgets and others. Then, the project went tailwind: 25000 visits to the month and more and more, we began to make money with banner of Google Ads and companies that phelp to us to announce them in ours banners. 

Our analyses were read, we wrote more than 9-10 post to the week, to part we made videos in youtube and we began to think that we could live on this. All this adventure without having nor idea of SEO until good day, suddenly, we occurred to account of that we did not appear in the results of Google. Which was our surprise? That reading and investigating we saw that Google had sanctioned to us by duplicated content, and here, my history with the SEO began.

As I also were new in this, and after several years working with SEO for many companies and correcting post, categories, the very many content and more. I want to teach a small guide to you so that you do not commit the errors more typical than they commit themselves when one is inexperienced. 

Guide of SEO for novices

1- Your domain chooses well

To have the key words in your domain no longer is as important as before, but always they help a little at level SEO, help to the potential client to identify that your Web has the product that it looks for. Lately it is very difficult search names, domains that identify and others to us, but once you find it you do not change it. The domains acquire a PA and GIVES that they are two elements with which the SEOs we can identify the importance that has your domain on the basis of some requisite that the algorithm of Google has. 

2- Hosting of quality for your Web chooses

When we mounted a blog or a Web always we lie down to choose more cheap and with haste. This decision always is erroneous, it is necessary to choose a servant with head, and I am going to tell some tips to you to choose well:

1 “ Our recommendation is to always choose hosting that is located in your country. It does not repel to the SEO of a direct way, but hosting is close will be less crossed between the call and answer of the servant, reason why the speed of load of the Web usually is better.

2 - hosting Chooses your according to the business that you have or you are going to mount. They do not occupy the same resources a Web of services that a store online, with more plugins, very many images and, probably, support more clients.

3 “ you do not invent or you prove many tutorials

Nowadays there are very many tutorials and tools to improve, but to test many with different methods can take to you to commit an error. Lee and learns, and uses the method that is to you simpler. You are not any expert nor you must give results to nobody. 

the 4 “ USA Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO is a SEO tool that even helps us very many. The key of the algorithm of Google only knows to Google and nobody to it more. Yoast SEO through some tests that realise with all our Web obtains sole-guides that it serves us not to commit standard errors in our writing. 

5- At the time of writing a post it thinks as a user

It thinks how you would look for that article or how you would like outside that if you read it, will help you much at the time of structuring it, mounting it and to explain it. Thus you will avoid to repeat keywords and the content will be valuable. 

6 “ It writes to teach and it does not stop to gain or to raise SEO

Every time Google navigates more to us with the algorithm, but there is something never never fails is the content, the certainty and the learning.

At the moment, clickbait is very many content: attractive titles that do that cliques in the news and soon is not what you hoped. You obtain many clicks but the user does not remain, takes place a high percentage by ricochet and, in the end, nondesire nothing. 

It thinks that if your post has a valuable content will serve as help to other people who look for or find your post. You must look for post eternal, that is to say, content that last much in the time, tutorial or information of much interest that the user can consult 2 years after it to have published, or which he includes to a good amount of users, as for example this post, that can merit for which they begin in the world of the SEO or the design Web

7- Google Analytics

I do not know if to describe it as essential or it does not stop a SEO. I consider it basic in a course of SEO for novices; you will have control of the statistics of a contained blog by far, mass media, a Web or a store online. With analytical the improvements the page. How it improvements, you will ask yourself? Then analyzing, understanding and seeing what the user through time demands that happens in each of your pages.

8- Google Search Console

Finally, if you want that Google that it before considers, you be done friend of Google Search Console, that aside from analyzing many things that already I will tell you, it helps to say you to him to Google that you have a Web and that you want to index it in its finder, since on the contrary you can take between 3-6 months in appearing in his searches. With this method you will take some 48-72 hours to begin to index your pages. 

9- It installs a certificate SSL in your hosting for your Web

There are them gratuitous as Let's Encrypt, so the excuse of which is worth money is very bad to be inexperienced.  

The security certificate is an indispensable requirement that nowadays Google values for, minimum, not to penalize to you or not to take your Web in account in favor of others.

10- Contract to professionals

If you see that your business goes in serious or see that you do not position with your basic knowledge, contract an agency of professional digital marketing or to a professional SEO

After doing or fulfilling these previous steps, you must understand that this is not so easy. And that later will be to you arising questions and doubts (something normal when you are a rookie, and to make a course of these of SEO for novices ) that you will be able to continue looking for in Google, in that post temporary that person wrote when she saw that many as he could have those same doubts. 


To begin in SEO is complex because you must read many things, digest them, learn them, practice them and that soon they leave either to understand them and to be able to apply them in the more Webs or even to give a chat.

It is necessary to have patience because the SEO is a long work of 3-6 months of effort, and then, if you have obtained something, to have very many certainty not to lower those points that you have obtained.

Finally, I hope that you have liked this guide of SEO for novices. I have tried to review the errors that always commit the nascent ones, to compile them in a simple guide and that it serves you to all.