In this he was digital, apparently the companies are not sufficiently present or they are not present with campaigns of marketing in social networks. Without them, it seems impossible that the companies obtain the recognition and the reaction that wish. The sales and the benefits are the objective for all, but the forms to reach have changed them. The studies have demonstrated that an ordinary announcement on TV no longer is sufficient to catch the attention of the potential clients. 

But the campaigns of marketing in the social networks really is the solution?

A simple can account/announcement of Facebook or Instagram to really influence in the diffusion of the brand of a company of way than more remarkable?

One of the reasons for which they changed the rules of the publicity is the excess of announcements, especially on TV, which causes that the spectators are still more inaccessible for the attention or the interest that they had before. 

Therefore, on TV to have the best announcement, most unusual, most atypical or longest reproducing, the radio or in any other place can not be sufficient to ensure any success when it is the participation of market, the gains or the importance of a company.

Why is marketing online a high-priority objective of the companies?

Nowadays he is very easy watching to simply save them of the boring televising announcements changing his center of attention and taking his mobile phone; and more likely making use of platforms of social networks as Instagram, Whatsapp and others apps. This is something that has become the habitual thing in almost all when we became bored. Especially the youngest generation.

For that reason, he is vital companies to attract them people younger than they are present in all the possible platforms, where they have the opportunity to directly promote and to tie his Webs or stores online to increase his visibility.

Through these sites of electronic commerce, people can buy online without leaving at any time house and the day, which causes that he is still more attractive it hearing to buy products of any company and nature. But even in the social networks, to be successful, it is very important to emphasize in comparison with the competition.

In addition, in the era of Netflix, digital YouTube, newspapers and the platforms of music as Spotify or Deezer, some have completely replaced their TV or newspaper with their telephone. 

It is why the accounts and the announcements in the social networks have become one of the more profitable methods of digital marketing, than guarantee the recognition or engagement, thanks to 3 billions of monthly users of the same anywhere in the world. 

This, obvious, causes that digital marketing is a easy impulse for the sales of the companies, since is arrived at an ample segmented hearing, which facilitates to accede to your objective public.

But, by very important that it is the presence in the RRSS, still we do not have to forget to us the rest of advertising options.


Since the persistence is the key to remain in the mind of the public, the best option of a company is to appear as soon as more sites and times at the most better, and by the smaller possible price. The keys concentrate in trying to attract the greater amount of people possible and to try to excel, but to make it of the most persistent professional form and be possible. That seems much work for a company that it must handle to other projects and processes, truth? And it is why design agencies exist Web and digital marketing as ours, where we are enabled professionally and qualified to as much create and to implement a strategy of marketing for intentions in line as out of line, including an extensive investigation of market to increase to the sales and gains for all type of company. And thus to construct relations as much short as in the medium and long term with the objective public.