This summary of the main methods of payment in WooCommerce is something that you can facilitate much your search in this so great world, and that it is increasing so much and so fast, as it is WordPress with WooCommerce. Nowadays, the election of the payment methods we consider it all the agencies of marketing, since some of them allow to facilitate the purchase, vitally important objective, coverall from the mobile.

Footbridges or methods of payment for WooCommerce by defect

The main methods of payment for WooCommerce that we can find by defect with his installation are the following:

Banking transference 

She is one of the forms of payment more traditional than it has, also the one that less technical problems offers and without commissions as a rule. But is something unsuitable for the present surroundings of Internet, unless it is high payments. Its main disadvantage is in which the payment is made a posteriori, this causes that the factor of impulsive purchase is lost causing so often is not finished carrying out the purchase.

In order to form the banking transference in WooCommerce, it is only necessary to qualify it and to introduce the banking data of the account where to receive the transferences.


This method, although at the moment continues existing, already is completely out of phase. In order to qualify we would only have it to similarly form it to the case of the banking transference.

The price of the emission and check reception will depend on the bank and the contract that we have with them. As a rule, the banks do not receive to realise payments with check, whereas to receive usually they load them a small percentage.

Payment contrarreembolso or payment in the delivery

This footbridge of payment is quite common, and it is used so that the buyer pays the product in hand to the mail company that gives the package to him.

For this type of shipments, the salesman must pay an extra commission to the mail company, although many of the stores online include this extra cost in the price of the shipment when the client chooses the payment against reimbursement. It will be decision of the salesman to assume this small extra cost or to leave the client does it, at risk of which the percentage of final conversion can fall.

Advantages of the payment contrarreembolso

One of the main advantages is that any risk for the buyer does not exist, since the payment is realised in hand to the transport company, reason why the option of loss of an article already phelp is avoided.

In addition, it gives to the buyer more security him at the time of realising the order if it is a little well-known store online or of new creation, which can increase the conversion of sales.

Disadvantage of the payment contrarreembolso

The main disadvantage is the commissions to choose this means of payment, that can arrive at 3% of the total amount.


Paypal has become one of the forms of payment most common and extended in the world of the commerce online, and comes including in WooCommerce, although we arrange more of plugins specialized or with more functions, as WooCommerce Paypal Checkout Payment Gateway, that offers Express the option to add the payment by Paypal in different zones from the store online, as directly from the product page.

Advantages of the payment with Paypal

The main advantage of Paypal is that it is a method of safe and fast payment, apart from which everybody knows it and is familiarized with the same.

To the being a world-wide and or seated company in the purchases online, offers an effective service before non-payments or frauds, which does surely the more as much for the salesman as for the buyer.

Disadvantages of the payment with Paypal

By all means, also it has disadvantages:

On the one hand they are the commissions that the salesman acquires:

  • If ‚¬ sells 2500 less than will have to pay a 3.4% + 0.35 ‚¬ by sale.
  • If ‚¬ sells between 2500 and 10000 ‚¬ will have to pay a 2.9% + 0.35 ‚¬
  • If ‚¬ sells between 10000 and 50000 ‚¬ will have to pay 2.7% + 0.35 ‚¬
  • If ‚¬ sells between 50000 and 100000 ‚¬ will have to pay 2.4% + 0.35 ‚¬
  • If ‚¬ to the month sells more than 100000 will have to pay 1.9% + 0.35 ‚¬

On the other hand, we were with the disadvantage that during the process of payment redirige to the user to its own platform to be realised the transaction, harming of this form to the usability and agility of the process.

In addition, we can add to him that the money does not arrive directly at your bank account, but it remains in your account of Paypal, where you will have to make step to transfer it to your account more, where he will be available in approximately few days.

Other habitual methods of payment for WooCommerce

TPV Online, Redsys

Another method of payment would be directly through the platform online of the bank to that we belong, for it is necessary to contract it in an office of our bank. The commissions usually are lower (less than 1%) than in Paypal, although it will depend on the volume of invoicing. The platform of payment more well-known and used by the banks is Redsys, that to many already will sound to you of it to have seen in processes of payment of different stores online.

redsys, method of payment in wordpress and woocommerce

Disadvantage of Redsys

The main disadvantage of Redsys, as it happens with Paypal, is that at the time of realising the payment, the user of the Web is redirigido to the Redsys platform to finalize the purchase. In addition, in many cases, the process needs to enter a verification code that your bank sends you to the mobile, reason why causes that the user experience is still less attractive.


This method of payment so is not known as Paypal, but at the moment it is acquiring more fame. They work of similar form as far as management of the payments on the part of the salesman, although for the end user he is quite different, since Stripe accepts payments with card, not by means of an own account of user, since Paypal does. In addition, it has some extra advantages that differentiate it.

Advantages to use Stripe

First it is that their commissions are inferiors a 1.4% + 25 pennies by transaction with European cards and a 2.9% + 25 pennies by transaction with nonEuropean cards. It is not that it is a very low commission, but improvement enough the one of Paypal for example.

An important advantage is that it allows you to directly realise the payment in the Web, without having to be redirigido to an external page, which improves the usability and, by consequence, the percentage of conversion. In addition, you do not need to have account of Stripe to realise the payment.

And finally, the user will not know that Stripe is using if we very do not want it, since this name will appear neither in the receipt nor in the checking account, in this way when being known is not avoided the distrust on the part of the user. Although every time he is much more visible and being known.

In addition, and already finally really, something that we have not commented and enchants to us, plugin WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway gives the option to add payments you by means of Apple Pay and Google Pay! Fast payments with a single click from the PC and the mobile¦ all are advantages.

Disadvantages of Stripe

The main disadvantage resides in its commission against the use of footbridges of payment with card as Redsys.

Aside from this, clear disadvantages of their use do not exist. The main disadvantage that aims in some articles online is that there is to have installed a certificate SSL in the servant, but this is something that you must have nowadays in the Web! In addition, other methods of payments also will request it to you.

Some extra methods of payment in WooCommerce

  • is a popular option that counts on many characteristics, with commissions of a 2.9% more 0,30‚¬ by transaction. The disadvantage that we have is that the extension of WooCommerce is of payment, approximately 70‚¬ (79$) by a single site.


  • Braintree is a company pertaining to Paypal and in addition very similar to this. It accepts the main credit cards, and has the same commissions of transaction that A WooCommerce extension exists for Braintree that is gratuitous.

Other methods of payment

More platforms of payments for WooCommerce exist many, as Square or Sage Pay. You can do an idea to you throwing to him an eye to all the extensions of payments for WooCommerce that we can find in his official listing.

And after all this, what to choose? That already depends on each, but by experience with our clients, WarPathConfidential usually recommends the use of banking transference as a rule, Paypal, against reimbursement (following the product type that is sold) and Stripe. By all means, we are not right absolute, and all this will depend on several factors: the project, the client, the bank that are used, product type for sale, etc.

At least, we left a small opinion you in case it helps you of something. And, by all means, any doubt or commentary that you have, leave it this way down and we will be responding.