At the moment, it is absolutely necessary to contract a company of marketing for your company. Marketing 2,0 does not exist, no longer is sold marketing 2.0. That is obsolete, the world of the businesses and the technology of marketing already is implanted for a long time, the mobiles are part of our life and the social networks have arrived to remain. Any business or company, whether is home or as if it has been 20 years in the sector, they need marketing online and offline.

A debate between marketing online and offline always exists, but we think for a moment about elements that nowadays we have stopped using that before they were part of our daily routine: Yellow pages, the telephone agenda, the guides of companies¦

To contract company of marketing for communication and publicity

What we do nowadays when we needed something? We resort to Internet, Google. For that reason, any company needs marketing and some professional the sector. Internet, nowadays, is one of the most powerful tools of the world, as much for good as for evil. To use Internet effectively, through the social networks or the corporative blogs, is can become the perfect tool for your business. But it is not enough with that, marketing is the set of elements as: Positioning social SEO, SEM, Mail marketing, Newsletters, Networks, Communication and Marketing offline.

The key is to be constant, and mainly to know how to create interesting content for your sector and objective public. Another one of the keys is to be different itself from the rest, since to compete in prices sometimes it only stops being sustainable in the long term. It must be a clear message but powerful, for it is quite important to see which are the pros and the cons of your company, and you do not forget that everything requires a knowledge.

We, in our company, considered 3 needs fundamental by which our clients call to contract us a marketing company:

  • To deepen in the communication online: This idea is one of most important, since all the businesses or companies need to take to end correct strategies to achieve their objectives, is not only worth with updating the social networks, we must think further on if we really want to obtain our goals. One of the strategies would be to maintain updated the design Web, since some companies count on good content in their pages and think that everything is done, but everything needs a maintenance, if it page is not obsolete. It is necessary to adapt the Web to the exigencies of the web search engines, since the algorithm of Google (Mobile First: to optimize the Web for mobile first) changes frequently. Another one of the strategies can be to foment conversation or debates to share experiences and to provide solution to the possible problems of your hearing and, mainly, the segmentation that allows to organize to the users by different characteristics and to obtain data exceeds they.
  • Department of marketing specialized in sales online: As for example, creating search engine optimization (Positioning SEO) so that the users look for by your key words and you appear on the front page. Mail marketing, that is little intrusivas actions that allows that the user knows supplies or publicity your services or brands when is receptive for it. We must count on a blog to create content and thus to be able to arrive at more people. To work in some sections is necessary to increase the possibility of improving the sales online. To get to understand how to sell of way online it is a process through which all the entrepreneurs are not prepared to happen.
  • Improvement or creation of the channel of sales: Internet has become the true channel of sales for the companies, the user perceives it as a whole in a click and gives much facility, comfort, etc. For this reason, the companies must be capable and to obtain that unit in the message that the users transmit, in addition to adapting to the characteristics of its objective public exists. The present consumer enough is informed on the process into purchase through apps or trustworthy Webs. The challenge that we must take to end is to be able to adapt this consumer to us who is the one that establishes the rules of the game and, which is more important, to count on the possibility that soon can share its experience, has social voice; of positive or negative way, the consumer contributes a value to the company and the mouth mouth also is effective, for or or evil. We must position to the consumer as center of the strategy. We must be in syntony, generate experience name brand, etc.

Sometimes, we related marketing to the publicity, but it is only a small part of it, marketing includes many more things: product design, strategies, distribution, social average, segmentation¦ , To really contract a marketing company as department of external marketing is something fundamental as much in a SME as in a multinational, since one goes ahead to the future needs of the client and count on a knowledge that gives visible results in the medium and long term, in addition to telling on certainty, that she is one of the most important things of a company.