Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to measure the repercussion of the websites, campaigns of marketing and the behavior of the people in a Web. You will be able to measure each detail and to understand the behavior of the users.

This tool is very useful to make decisions and to arrive at objectives as increasing sales, since it gives the detailed information to you than it happens in the Web.

We must take advantage of or the information that offers Google Analytics us since the majority of companies only looks at whichever visits has on a daily basis, weekly or monthly, that is important information but benefits can be removed the more from the information that the tool offers.

Google Analytics gives answer to these 4 questions:

  • Who visit your Web: We know who are those that visit to us, their geographic location, language and that navigator used when entering the page. With this information we can optimize the design of the page.
  • What does in the Web: We know as they use the page and they know the contents and the different elements that help us to measure what contents are little or very excellent or that information consults before realising the purchase, request or registries.
  • When they visit it: We observe the hours which more movement has in the Web that is used for knowing us the moment for publishing content so that they pay attention to us.
  • How they know of your Web: To know of where they come the visits is a very useful aspect and what visits contribute more value to our objectives. They can be; social email, networks, traffic of payment¦ Thus we will know where to focus our resources.

How to install YOU GO of pursuit of Google Analytics?

  • Step 2:  In order to create the account and to register the first Analytics website it requests the following information to us: Of what it wants to realise the pursuit? , method of pursuit, configuration of the account (name of the account), configuration of the property (name and URL of the website, category of the sector and hour zone of information), we entered the data and we give click in obtaining you go of pursuit accepting the conditions of use.  A window is opened automatically where it offers the code us which we must put all the pages of our Web.
Forming an account of google analytics
  • Step 3: To install the code of Google Analytics; It copies the pursuit code, it enters to your Web and sticks it, the code must be installed in all the pages of the site. It is important that he is within the label <head> of such form that the code of analytics will be one of first scripts in loading at the time of being visited the site. The label head is in the head of your webpage, you must have access to the code to modify it although some proprietors place it in the part inferior of the page, but this does that the code loaded of last and in this way it is possible that we lose something of detail on the part of analytics.