We are loving of WordPress, we almost used it in the totality of our Webs and, therefore, the WordCamps are events which it enchants to us to attend. And if you do not know what is a WordCamp and you like WordPress, already you are taking in discovering them!

Therefore, we have not been able to lose us the WordCamp Madrid, that we had many desire of, finally, to attend the one of the capital. So Jesus ‘uku, our CEO and designer Web, has attended in representation of WarPathConfidential. You try to find it in the photo!

WordCamp Madrid 2019 in the Ship

As you see, the attendance to the event has been massive, with 600 sold entrances, and lacked rather people. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to learn of the community and to do a little networking, that as much we like. In addition, immediately after the communications the After Party began,

this yes that is networking that we like in the community 😛

And, by all means, Sunday would be the Contributor Day (Day of the Community), in which also he was present. But we begin by the principle.

Communications and Factories of the WordCamp Madrid 2019

Our designer is very good in his, but something dehorns in other things, and confesses that from where the transport was lodged has been a little more length of the calculated thing, and has arrived a little takes to the opening. But good, he arrived safe and sound, and with many desire, that were the important thing.

The site selected for the day of Saturday, the day of communications and factories of the WordCamp, was the Madrid Ship, in Villaverde, as in previous editions. A good election, although only with a small one ˜but™, track C (room C, where the factories were distributed) has remained small in all the factories. By the others, we think that right place. Perhaps the affluence of this year makes evaluate a change of location for following editions, if 600 WordPresseros are many!

Opinion of the Communications and Factories

Still arriving a little behind schedule, the attendance to the communications could half be fulfilled/factories that had thought previously between all the options.

We are not going to bore telling to you where we were and where no, you can consult the complete program of the WordCamp Madrid in its Web. Yes we wanted to emphasize the chosen format to take them to end. As you can see in the program if you accede to the previous connection, in track C the factories of approximately one hour of duration were realised; at the same time, in track 30 minutes were realised communications of about (2 evidently), and in track B fast chats of 10-15 minutes.

WordCamp Madrid 2019 in the Ship

This format has its pros and their cons; we remained with the part of the dynamism of the fast chats, that offer fast information of a specific subject and we think that a good form to wear for the first time themselves as rapporteur in a WordCamp.

Communication Antonio Woodemia WordCamp Madrid 2019

On the other hand, the fact that a factory agrees with 4 chats and 2 communications of half an hour make difficult the attendance to some of them, as it is obvious. In addition to this, and coverall in the first part in the morning, the schedules went a little out of phase and the delay in some communication originated that you did not arrive at the short chat that began later.

By all means, we understand that the organization of this WordCamp has not been easy, and do not want to clear merit to him to the piece of organization team and volunteers that has dealed with to us luxury and have done it possible with enough success (pardon by the quality of the photo).

Goodbye WordCamp Madrid 2019 in the Ship

After Party in the Ship

Another cochair to emphasize of the WordCamp has been the After Party, that was celebrated in the same right location after the goodbye -and of the drawings, clearly! -. Thus one took advantage that we were all presents and is more difficult to disappear, than already we know ourselves: p

After Party WordCamp Madrid 2019 in the Ship

The beer and the good roll did not need, as in each WordCamp. He was continued networking, strengthening bows with amig@s of previous events and that had been known during the day.

It was being spoken of a whole little, and of the new project that we have in hand, of that very in a moment you will have the news.

Contributor Day (Day of the Community)

Sunday, the Day of the Community agreed with the Average Marathon of Madrid, which we suppose that he was one of the reasons by which the train took much more of the considered thing in realising the passage until Google for Startups Madrid, reason why it was arrived again behind schedule. Although in time for the work tables, so he was not catastrophic.

Google for Startups Madrid

In this day, the work to contribute is divided in tables, each dedicated to a thematic one and with a person in charge who explains and guides the rest to help to improve our WordPress. The Community always in growth.

The table of work of Subjects was chosen, reason why it has been learned how to validate the subjects that rise repositorio official of WordPress. Until the moment we have not developed any subject, but everything will arrive, and now it will be easier to us with all the information learned during the Contributor Day. We do not know if we will be able to validate a subject nowadays, but we set out to do it before the following WordCamp Madrid, the formation and overcoming is in WarPathConfidential.

Jesus had to leave before eating, just when the pizzas arrived, and remaining with the desire to prove them, but still it was awhile of return way until.

Google for Startups Madrid
Google for Startups Madrid
Google for Startups Madrid

Thanks to tod@s the organizers, volunteers and assistants by this WordCamp, we took of Madrid a very good flavor of mouth, new knowledge and many desire to attend the next one that it is possible!