The consumer looks for the utility in or or the service of subjective way. This utility assigned to a product can be different between several consumers and, therefore, to destine it to completely different uses. 

Based on the utility level, the consumer turns the product or service into a perceived value, that satisfies its needs and desires. The product or service proposed by the company will be successful if they offer value and satisfaction to the potential consumer, the consumer will obtain some advantages and benefits in exchange for a cost, who can be measured in money, time, energy, social value or sentimental value. These two last ones are two values rise that the companies have been in charge to sell to us through magnificent campaigns of marketing: the greater example of this is APPLE.

The consumer will be able to value diverse alternatives of value that offer different products or services to satisfy their needs and desires, will choose that one supply of greater value as long as he has capacity to assume the derived costs.

The process of development and creation of a new product begins with the detection of market opportunities, what is called an analysis DAFO, with this analysis we inquired on in-core analysis and external of the company, in the part of in-core analysis we made specific the weaknesses and strengths, whereas in the external one, we analyzed the threats and opportunities of the company. 

example of analysis DAFO for a product

Example of analysis DAFO:

- Strengths: Elements that differentiate to the company from other competitors, as for example, the attention to the client or a company brought back to consciousness and worried about the environment.

- Weaknesses: Resources or abilities that a company has that supposes a barrier at the time of obtaining optimal results; we would have to observe what elements can be improved and what it is due to avoid. The logistics in these times that run where what premium is the rapidity, by the logistic comfort and that has the American giant, Amazon, make have to raise a step more as far as logistic and the shipments.

- Opportunities: Positive external situations generated in the surroundings, that, once identified, can be turned into enterprise successes or competitive advantages. As for example new political opportunities or new laws that favor to your company.
The fame or status of a company at the time of sending a new product.

- Threats: Negative situations of the surroundings that can alter the normal march of the company or harm it; it is precise to identify them and to anticipate themselves to them. In order to know we have them to ask itself what obstacles the company faces, what changes take place in the surroundings that can get to affect to us negatively, etc.

The launching from a product to the market begins with an analysis DAFO. It enters the connection for info more. Click to tuitear

It is important to obtain, to elaborate and to process the obtained data of the diverse sources (internal and external), with the aim of catching the opportunities and eliminating risks in the smaller possible time. The concrete opportunity of market appears as a necessity or desire, in the majority of the cases verbalizado by the consumers, therefore begins the development of an initial idea that, through process of development and launching of the product or service, it will be materialized in the supply of market. 

For all these reasons we have to consider four service or launch periods of a product:

  1. Feasibility of alternatives: We take care of some viability criteria, exist several projects that cover potentialities with business that the company wishes to offer. Some can be viable but nonfeasible and we have to make sure it. As cooked plates of Colgate, it is a success in you graze tooth but that does not mean anything, left its sector totally and failed, in the same way that the water bottled for mascots, is a product that does not satisfy a necessity and underwent another failure.
  2. Selection and analysis of projects: We must construct economico-financial analyses that are comparative enters the projects to develop. Habitually the resources to invest in innovation are limited, having to discard or to postpone those interesting ideas of less short potential to or half term.
  3. Development of the product or service: The company will have to consider the aspects of the product, as well as packaging and their functions, contents, formats and unit of treatment technical. It will have to realise studies based on the internal stability of the product. Coca Cola used its tins one season putting names of people, which caused that it increased enough his demand; he was a great successful due to packaging. The brand Mr Wonderful uses an funny and attractive design for the consumer, which draws attention of the potential client enough.
  4. Distribution and commercialization: Finally, we must in the medium and long term establish the priorities and strategies in terms of budget of the launching and its vision.

In the case of sending a product through a store online, or of creating a store on line to send that product, has enough advantages as some of the following: 

  • Your product is available and ready for its purchase 24 hours to the day.
  • The location of a physical store is very important, according to if it is located in a commercial place with people passage, near an area of restoration, etc. In Internet, you are within reach of a click and, most important, you are more in the appraised object than it nowadays has a person, who is the mobile.
  • The publicity online is able to be more effective and competitive than in the section offline by several reasons. Through a study we determined our potential client, we determined certain objectives and they are made tests A/B to see what type of announcement or campaign is the one that more users he attracts, and on that and the results that we obtain with ages, tastes, place of residence, etc., we can obtain our to buyer person and thus to optimize to the maximum the campaigns online.

The publicity online much more has a valued virtue that offline: the capacity to measure all the results. Click to tuitear

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