Of all it is known that backlinks (or connections from other Webs to ours) is one of the most effective forms to gain authority and to position a Web. Then, Google offers a way us to have a DoFollow connection from its finder.

Thus, as they hear it - or they read it. The truth is that we cannot assure the effectiveness this connection, or will consider some us chanchulleros, but it hears who shelp fear? It is a connection from Google!

To obtain backlink from Google with its warning of redirection

We go to it, I explain a little to you. Google sometimes shows a warning of redirection some Webs - they say that sometimes by bug-, as which we have created and we showed in the following image:

Backlink from Google warning of redirección

And of it we are going away to benefit creating our warning of redirection with the following URL:


where we will have to change keyword by keyword that we want (using scripts for long tails) and also modifying www.midominio.com by the one of the Web at which you want to aim. It sticks the connection in the navigator and you will see your own warning from Google.

The second step would be to index that URL so that it counts as backlink. For it, simply we are going to create some connections to the URL, as the following one:

Warning of redirection of WarPathConfidential

There ours goes so that you see it, is not very beautiful but it is art for our eyes of SEOs.

In order to leave another example, we are going to generate the connection of our new agency, the Tost¡:

Warning of redirection of the Tost¡, agency of design Web and digital marketing

It secures a DoFollow connection from Google with this small trick. Click to tuitear

We hope that you prove it and that it serves to you (it serves to us).
And if have liked to know how how to secure you this DoFollow connection from the warning of redirection of Google or you want to add any other thing you leave your commentaries. We would like to know to opinions 🙂

And you share if you see it interesting! , before Google begins to give campions us.