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Design Web Cadiz

Specialists in Design Web

In WarPathConfidential, we are specialistic developing Web and Design Web . Our objective as Agency of Design Web and Digital Marketing is to create your business in a digital portal as it is a webpage. To create a space Web where to show to your products or services creating a high visual interest. How we do it? We apply to the last canons of WPO (Optimization of a webpage) and last tendency in designs of webpages.


Design Web Responsive

A Web designed and adaptable for all the devices (Computers, Tablets and M³viles).


Web to size

It emphasizes on his direct competition with a Web thought and designed for his business.


 Optimization Web 

WPO: Quick servant, fast Load of its Web, Optimization of images and SEO On Page.


Positioning SEO

It increases his visits to the Web! Benefit of more opportunities of sale and better benefits.


Graphical design

Logo, flyers, applications of the brand, creation of corporative image, branding.


Analytical Web

It knows his visits and the taste his clients. Installation of Google Analytics and Search Console.


Social networks

Integration of its Social Networks in its Webpage. We manage its Social Networks by you.


Customized attention

We implied ourselves in its project of principle to aim. Our objective, its satisfaction.

What is the design Web?

Dise±o Web is not what you see, but what you must cause that other people see.

It is that one activity that consists to plan, to develop, to design, to implement and to maintain updated a website. But it is not only to install a group, to install and ready. He is much more that. Nowadays due to the advances of the technologies among them: Mobiles, PC and tablets. The design Web has taken a tremendous importance for a company since not only it is necessary to think about developing a Web if not as composing it, as it is going to be the usability for the client, as of comfortable it is navigation, the hierarchy of the contents and the optimization of the web search engines (today as important as it is to position itself in google).

Throwing the view back and when I began to learn HTML, the Webs they were simple to do, they were the first Webs who became, the capacity and speed of Internet arrived at 56kbps and then they were beautiful Webs. The Web in HTML throughout the years was growing adding more languages JS, JAVA, FLASH, etc.


The CMS or systems of management of contents, in the last years, have proliferated and improved very enormously. Among them they are WordPress, that is our tool of work. WordPress is a system management of contents (Web) where the user is easier to him to make changes once done and published the Web.  This improvement very enormously the management between the company and the client, since in the future the client this can make changes of text (is very beneficial for the SEO, since, if the client has a blog can speak of his products or services and to position its Web following some you rule marked by the expert SEO.

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