Hello chic@s! Today I come to speak envelope to you how to position a blog in Internet.

It has always given shame me to say that a little SEO knew and others. It thought that the SEO was injections of script without Google pillaged to you to be on the front page. Nevertheless, with time and the formation, that still is very little in my curriculum, I have realized basic step certain to position a blog.

It did not have nor idea exceeds how to position a blog in Internet

I began with a blog that was called www.tutorialesandroid.com. That blog got to have 24000 visits to the month and had 4-5 articles on the front page of Google. We were moved when obtaining that, without still knowing what was the SEO.

Or, remembering a good moment that I had with this blog and two more than I have created, first that fodder to position a page or a blog is: What content to offer? How to offer it? How much of ephemeral it will be the content?

How much of important it is to think the content to position a blog?

The first step is to know what I know to do and what I want to count. It is very important that what you want to count likes. Because you will have to write envelope it, you will have to count it through a blog, and because if you like you will set out content that it likes your public and we can also provide the vps web hosting for you.

In order to position in Google it is important to make a structure exceeds how to write our content.

The second step, before home to write, is that you must think how to do it. To have a structure done in paper to draw up a strategy would help you. It is as the structure of a book (presentation, knot, untie) but is not so easy. You must think what you explain first to continue with the following part, following and the following one, until completing what you want to count to your readers with a sense, so that the information arrives adequately.

How to position a blog in Internet

And the third party, that also is very important. A blog has articles, post, entrances as you wanted to call it. Those articles can less be more excellent or according to their content: if you speak of how making an artisan chimney, how to install I do not know what programs, how to solve a problem in a modem or of that Apple can present such device.

The post can have a very fleeting content, for example: Google closes Google Plus by a security breach. This news publishes the same day that closes and during one week it will give that to speak, and soon it will be in the forgetfulness. Nevertheless, if you write how to fix bug of a modem, to install the camera of Google on such telephone or what advantages have WordPress - as in this post that we wrote in our blog your article he will be eternal. It will be a post to which the users in a period of very great time will be able to go.

After having counted all this so long history¦ We go to the basic steps to position a blog.

  • Note: When I speak of a blog always is a blog based on WordPress, that is what we handled.

Once installed WordPress, that this I give it by known already, we go away to Ajustes>Generales. Here we have the title of the site and a short description of the same. What we put here? First it is very clear: The name of your blog or webpage. Ex: Pepe driving school.

How to position a blog in Internet

We follow with the short description, says short but very intense. The short description does not go merit to you for the SEO, but you must tell the user of what your blog goes and because it must enter. And not only it will be enough to you with that, you have very few words, about 50-70 characters, jajaja, will for a moment have to be a Risto Mejide of life. Ex: Remove the card to you from car, easy and in a month.

How to position a blog in Internet

PS: If you do not want to count letter by letter, you can use a Word and look at the characters that you take or use an accountant of words.

Next, we go away to Ajustes>Lectura and, as you see in the photo, we have a square to mark yes or not to dissuade to the indexing motors. We must mark it until we want to open the blog to Google and want to begin to position. Because it assures to us that Google will begin to read our blog when we have it ready to position it, although in futures posts we will explain how to do it so that Google sees it of a faster way.

How to position a blog in Internet

WordPress categories for SEO

With the categories we were able to hierarchize our content and to segment it to establish an organization. Those categories also it is necessary to define them and to use the key words. Then, if we have a blog on fashion and we wrote on the vintage fashion, we must have a category that is vintage Fashion. We order our blog for us and for the user, because if the user wants search or to read something more vintage fashion, directly it will make click to that category.

Labels of the Blog

The labels also serve to categorise or to group entrances/post/articles in one or two words and thus to have all the different articles of interest of or same categories within reach of a click. The labels good also done are going to help to us to position our key words.

Use of the Social Networks To position your Blog

So that a post is positioned on the front page of Google, own Google has many requirements for it, but it begins by a requirement our: that the content is worth the trouble.

The content of your blog is the king

If content deserves pain, game enters SEO IN Off PAGE, that is those aspects of the SEO which we cannot control, as the social networks. If your content is very good, the users will share it in their social networks, will arrive at much I publish and, if very it is read, the usuary one passes long time reading your entrance or it enlists with another content. Google that will value it very well, will scale positions and could arrive at that longed for first place in the searches.

They exist creadores/as of fashion brands, blog or businesses that even having a bad SEO ON PAGE, have much traffic (many visits) because or the content is good or has known to sell it very well. But lamentably, unless we stick a long ball, it is called on to us to work much our public and to obtain a flow of users little by little, and if you ready to make your online site we have a an offer for you, and you can see all our offer here unlimited hosting plans.