Today we are going to speak envelope how to improve the competitiveness of my company in Internet. There are many factors to mainly improve your competitiveness in the economic factor but as we are expert in marketing, we are going to see how we can be better or to sell more in Internet.

1. Presence online Why I have to be in Internet? It is so important?

The answer is Yes. And it is not yes because as design agency Web and digital marketing interests to me, that also, but because your sales and the users are there: Social Google, networks, e-mails, etc.
We must be in Internet indifferently of the service that we offer or the product that we sell. Why I affirm this? Because 92% of the Spaniards have access to Internet through mobile. 92% of the internauts in the last affirm to have bought some product of form online year and 79.4% affirm to have bought by Internet in this last month. Of these purchases the bought products more are: electronics (11,2%), clothes and accessories (11%), tickets of airplane (9,5%), lodgings (9,4%) and entered spectacles (9,3%).
How to improve the competitiveness of my company in Internet

The 27,4% that has affirmed that it has bought by Internet in the last month, also affirm that the majority of its purchases does by this means. The 65,6% of the survey ones have a very high confidence or high as far as it purchases online, the 28,7% of these have an average confidence in this type of purchases and 5,6% trust this type of transactions by fear to the swindles or doubtful the protection of their banking and personal data very little.
All this has a clear objective: To obtain clients, to secure data of clients soon to do a sale, to be able subscribers to them soon to make them arrive supplies and do branding.

2. To make Branding and to show to our product or services in social networks.

When we have a physical business, we worried about the expensive image to the public: a taken care of facade, a showcase or hall exhibition, a good treatment to the client and who the experience is satisfactory for the same. You know what we do with all that action? Branding, or to make brand, that means that the user is going to you to identify with some values with which associates to your brand (business).

Because we must be in the social networks? The power of the social networks is moving.

In this case, I am going away to put as example that I am millenial and I dedicate myself to marketing. Use many tools and step long time with devices with Internet: of the 168 hours that one week has, use the mobile 46 hours, that is 27% and of that 27%, half it use in sailing by the social networks, 22 hours weekly (47.8%).
How to improve the competitiveness of my company in Internet

The young people we spent very many time in the social networks and are the perfect potential client. It enchants to us to investigate, to buy, we are connected to the network , we handled the use of hashtags. As a result of the takeoff of the social networks and its potential, many strangers with knowledge of marketing, or simply style and creativity, they have been able to be popular and to influence in the purchases of his followers, and from this, it arises the word and use to influencer.
Shelp all this, we go to the essential: our social networks are going to be our showcase in Internet, and we can extrapolate our values expensive to the public with the aim of increasing the notoriety of a brand or giving to know our brand, to present new products and to assign those values that the brand in the mind of the consumers has.

3. To establish a plan of digital marketing for your company

After all these data, how I transform them and how I measure them? Perhaps, this is the wonder and the best utility than has the publicity online, that we can measure it.
How to improve the competitiveness of my company in Internet

The main difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that we can know the impact that it has, the interactions with the users and to redirect I publish objective at which we want to arrive. With traditional marketing we even have billboards, flyers, cards, catalogues, wedges of radio, advertising spots that did not know the exact impact that they had. Nobody knew the reach of people whom it had if she were effective and the clients came by the announcement or because they had recommended it.

92% of the internauts affirm to have bought some product of form online.

All this type of statistics we have them with tools of the social networks or analytical of the Web. We can trackear publicity campaigns to see repercussion, feedback of clients and what type of clients buys to us or he soon sees us for segmenting all that information and making a much more direct publicity, so that the optimization and reduction of costs are most beneficial possible.
Sources: RTVE and La Vanguardia