Why is excellent the importance of the SEO in your Web? We must understand that the SEO, positioning in Google or other finders, would have to be integrated in your strategy of marketing online.
We are going to begin to know which is its definition. 
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What is the SEO?

We are going to see what Wikipedia says: 
Search engine optimization, optimization in web search engines or optimization Web is the technical process by means of which changes are realised in the structure and information of a webpage, with the aim of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different finders. Also he is frequent to find the denomination in English, Search Engine optimization, and especially his initials SEO .
The people who carry out optimization tasks in web search engines denominate posicionadores Web or consultant SEO and in English Search Engine optimizers (whose initials are also SEO) or SEO specialists.
At the moment, due to the search algorithms of Google, 200 factors exist about in which the finder is based to position your page in the first place. There are two factors of reference in a study SEO, that are first in being analyzed: the authority of the page and the relevance of the same. 

Authority of a webpage

It is a way to measure the popularity of a Web. Google supposes that at the most visited it is that Web, but valuable it will be the content, for that reason, always it is shelp: The content is the king. This some pages call it Flow Trust, the volume of confidence of the content, to translate it somehow. Also the more authority, the more capacity to give authority you have by means of Citation Flow, that is the capacity to give confidence to a Web. This strategy is very difficult, because from 2013 the technique to already buy connections does not count for the SEO, reason why the content must be very useful so that the page has attractive for other Webs.

Relevance of a Web

The relation that has the page with its key words with respect to a search in the finder. This section has to do in the following thing that it explains, SEO On Page.
Considering the definition that we finished giving, we are going to divide the SEO in two parts, to understand a little plus because of the importance of the SEO in your Web and because it must be integrated in your strategy of digital marketing.

the SEO is a conventional highway and SEM a payment freeway, both takes to the same place, the only difference is the time. Isabel Romero

SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, What are?

SEO On Page

SEO On Page has to do with the structure of your Web concerning the key words. There are very many factors that influence in SEO On Page and I am going to you to enumerate some:

  • Certificates of security SSL.
  • A strategy of contents so that Google tracks your Web once in a while.
  • An attractive Web and design responsive (adapted to all the formats of screen).
  • Title and description of the page.
  • To have a SiteMap.
  • Web with little weight to maximize the speed.

These are some of the factors that contain the SEO On Page and who I would take care of as minimum if you do not have many knowledge. And most important of all it is title and description; he is vitally important to let know him to Google what it deals with our page so that it relates it to the searches that the users do.

SEO Off Page

We have spoken to you of those factors that depend exclusively on us (or our developer Web) at the time of making a good SEO in our webpage.
In SEO Off Page we have those factors that we cannot control so much. For example, the RRSS are a section of the SEO Off Page who depends on which we make an attractive publication, but the user does not enter we will not generate an interaction.
Some strategies that you can follow to improve SEO Off Page would be:

  • To create very interesting content that can be linkeado (connected) in other Webs of the same scope or subject.
  • Since I have mentioned before, to create post attractive in RRSS to take traffic to the Web is a way to present your Web and your work. Ex: if you are photographer and you write envelope how to make professional photos with your mobile, you can generate traffic enough, since nowadays any user has a mobile of average or high range. 
  • To register in directories of your thematic one. Ex: if you are doctor, it dates from discharge in a health directory.
  • To participate highly in forums. Eye with this! To register themselves in a forum and to fill threads with links of your Web can be considered a strategy of Black Hat SEO, reason why Google will sanction to you if account occurs.

Since we know a little what is the SEO, we are going to see the importance of the SEO for your Web.
There are many studies of important agencies, as the one of Optify, that to us the percentage of click of the first positions in Google indicate. In the 10 first positions the percentage of click is this: 

  • #1: 36,5%
  • #2: 12,5%
  • #3. 9,5%
  • #4. 7,9%
  • #5. 6,1%
  • #6. 4,1%
  • #7. 3,8%
  • #8. 3,5%
  • #9. 3,0%
  • #10. 2,2%

That is to say, that of 10 people who look for better television quality price, 36.5% (3 people and average) is going to clicar in the first connection, a 12.5% (1 person) will click in the second place and a 9.5% will do it in the third connection. 
Why he is important this? Then because if we looked for a niche of market (search of a product by some key words) of 22000 searches the month in which our Web appears first of all, we made sure some 8000 visits free. When I speak of free I speak of organic positioning SEO (positioning by content) and not of SEM (phelp publicity).
SEM payment positioning

We are going to compare the organic SEO with SEM; if payments publicity by the keyword better television quality price and the CPC (cost by click) are in 0.50‚¬, to bring that public to your Web is going to you to cost 4000‚¬! And if your gains in the sale of televisions are of less than 4000‚¬ to the month, you are losing money and you will go away to the ruin.
As agency of digital marketing and design Web, you tenth who who assures to you that she is going to you to locate in the first position of Google, or is a crack of the SEO (that are them) or is selling you the motorcycle. Click to tuitear
Our philosophy is a constant work of key words as better television quality price, so that your business is placed in high positions in Google, but to assure the first position is not happened to us, although we assured to you that we will try it with all our forces! 
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