Introduction to WordPress

Many of which you are reading this you know the advantages of the use of a CMS (System of Management of Contents), and that facilitates the life enough, coverall to which do not have programming knowledge or that nor sounds to them what is HTML, CSS¦ And you will be in agreement with me which WordPress has become the CMS of reference to world-wide level:
30% of the existing Webs are created with WordPress, and 65% of those of Spain! Click to tuitear
As users and developer of WordPress, we are not going to deny that this platform enchants to us; but everything is not of rose color, also has its small disadvantages, so next we are going to deepen in the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress, so that we clearly have left more why to choose WordPress?
Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress

But before going to the grain, an interjection in case there are sometimes you have only noticed that exists two Webs of WordPress, and We see the differences quickly and, once clarified, we already concentrated in the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.

Differences between and

When it is spoken of WordPress to droughts, normally we are talking about to the software that we can be unloaded of, that is to say, to the platform which we used freely to realise our Webs, of opened code, with infinity of options., therefore, is Web that offers us free of charge CMS that we will even install in ours hosting (or in the cloud or the premises) and where we will be able to unload subjects and plugins to personalize our website, modifying the code that has knowledge.

In the case of, we spoke of a website of a company (Automattic), where they offer to a lodging or hosting us to make use of the software of WordPress of gratuitous way. Although, in this case, it gives a limited use us more and we would have to pay to be able to realise certain functionalities.
And why they have the same name? Because he is not more than the website of the same cocreator, Matt Mullenweg, who decided to give to know - and to be able to expand its software, and of way to gain something of money, that also he has right to eat after contributing to us as much.
Joan Boluda explains a little to us more on this in its post Differences between and

And now yes that yes, we go with the benefits and disadvantages of choosing WordPress for our Web:

Advantages to use WordPress

Facility of installation

The installation of the platform can get to be thing of a click, following hosting contracted. Although if we must install it manually, also he will be something light that any person can do, although has certain you rule that we would have to follow for an optimized and safer installation.
In addition, once installed WordPress, already we can begin to use it with one of the subjects that incorporate by defect. Although if we want to install new subjects or plugins to add functionalities, its facility also will surprise to us. The only difficulty resides in the election of a good subject or plugin, that it is a subject that would give us for a post complete, since here yes it would be necessary to have several things of importance in consideration.

Facility of management and learning

One of the important qualities of WordPress is its ease of use, and we spoke for all type of user, including the nascent ones.

This CMS offers a panel intuitive and publishers simple to create pages, to publish texts, to insert images, to change colors, etc.

Coverall if we used a visual publisher, something that only recommends himself in case of being necessary, but we do not have code knowledge, would be a solution that can save lives and obtain Webs of professional aspect.
As we are using WordPress, every time we will feel like more insurances and so we do and we will dare to be touching more fields. It is necessary to have well-taken care of with modifying the source code without being safe than we do, this could break some page, plugin¦ or we could lose the changes if we do not make use of a subject son for example. You are not scared if you do not know than I speak, of this to worry when you want to deepen a little more.
And, just in case, we are going to be used to us creating backup copies from the home (backups). The good practices never are of more 😉


WordPress was born to create blogs. Luckily, the evolution of the giant has been quite important. Thanks to all the changes that have been developing in their updates and to the infinity of plugins that we have to our disposition, nowadays we have numeros­smas opportunities to realise, as it can be a store online, a Web of reserves of hotels, forums, platforms of elearning, marketplaces¦ Therefore, the great ones, medians and small businesses not only can count on WordPress to develop a corporative Web, but it offers the solution that need, is possible to be adapted any type of market, coverall if it is counted on a specialistic company in WordPress that can personalize so much the design as the functionalities.

Positioning SEO

SEO WordPress

Google (and other finders) take rather well with WordPress. One has demonstrated that the Webs developed in this platform position rather well if they are worked. And, by all means, we are going to find plugins that it helps us to position our better Web, as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack, two of the favorites of the users of WordPress.

Responsive (adapted design to mobiles and tablets)

Others of the advantages that offer to us are that the subjects (or groups), as a rule, will perfectly adapt to the screens of any device, obtaining a good aesthetic result in computers, tablets, mobiles¦ and without needing having code idea. Although always help to know something, in case there is to alter some element.
In addition, a Web responsive falls to him very well to Google. In fact, if your Web does not adapt to devices of different size, the popular finder is going to look at your site with bad face, and that never you are going to want it.

Store online

One of the advantages that we can remove from WordPress is his facility to create a moderately competent store online without being expert, by means of plugin WooCommerce, among others that can help us.

We will be able to design our store online with catalogue of products, supplies, footbridges of payment, sweeps lateral customized, information¦

By all means, with the suitable knowledge, we will totally obtain a professional and optimized store.
Therefore, if we have time to use it in learning a little, we can create the store online to stop our business without needing the hiring of an expert. Although it is an option that you do not have to discard, coverall if you have an important business or if you want to position itself in the finders.

Constant technological advance

WordPress is a more and more popular platform, is gaining assiduous day to day. Thus, every time its way are more people were this software to live, developing to subjects or plugins between many other forms. Therefore, every time we will have more options for this platform, new and better functionalities, etc. The evolution and improvement of WordPress go of the hand of the technological advance, and we thank for it.


WordPress allows that his backend (writing-desk of management of the platform) is used by different types from user. Thus, if you have a business next to another person, you can create 2 usuary administrators and, in addition, give access to other users so that they write in the blog or they publish some page, for example, being these auditors or publishers, following the permissions that are wanted to give to them. There are different types from users and, with plugin or the knowledge of suitable development (better this option), the functionalities of each could be increased or be modified.


It does not matter if our website has few functionalities, or we have thought to add a blog more ahead to him (that always you must have it), to add to him to the option of sales or any other functionality. WordPress will allow to add all this and more us, burglaryable is a system enough. The only obstacle can be a bad chosen subject so we looked for.

Easy migration

If you want to change of lodging (always we recommended hosting specialistic in WordPress, as SiteGround or Webempresa) or to migrate your Web from your local surroundings to the cloud, WordPress has plugins that facilitate it to you, as well as the same hostings. And for the most dared, it is possible to be realised manually if we did not trust leaving them into the hands of others.

It saves time and money

Aside from being able to have your store online in just a short time, you yourself /a you will be able to change to the image or the text that you need without having to call to a technician and, therefore, without delays and spending nor a Euro.
Also, if you write frequently in your blog, you will be able to organize your time and to program publications in case you are with more time to write, you go away of vacation and you want to leave some ready entrances, etc.

Web of your property

Unlike other platforms, as Blogger or Wix, WordPress it is of your property, you can do what you want with your Web: to sell it, to migrate it or what it desires to you. Without announcements, without costs (unless you require subjects or plugins of payment) and of open code.

Documentation and courses

We count on a good support and own documentation of WordPress. And if yours they are the courses, it has very many where to choose, or actual or in the network, where the possibilities go off. And, by all means, we counted on the Community WordPress, WordCamps and Meetups, of which we will speak two paragraphs more down.

We can be amused

For that we like remangarnos, those that want to deepen in the design or development, for more frikis, or simply for which the code enchants to them, WordPress offers tools to us to amuse to us: mainly the possibility of modification of code (free code) and the creation or modification of subjects and plugins. And believe to me, with this (although there are more possibilities) is than sufficient more. That yes, the result will continue being free code, you will have to maintain the license, thus others also will be able to be amused.

COMMUNITY (WordCamps and Meetups)

We cannot be forgotten us, of you, of whom we used WordPress and we shared knowledge. The WordPress Community is immense, and it is always going to be there to throw the cable to us.

They organize Meetups de WordPress monthly (as a rule) in many cities, where we can learn of the Community and contribute much. It looks for nearest and unites to you!

In addition, the WordCamps, events of a weekend organized by the communities of each city, and the environs, where we can enjoy conferences, factories, networking, day of the Community, table of experts are organized annually in certain denominated cities¦
Adevertencia: if you go to one, you can enlist, ten well-taken care of 😉
WordPress Meetup Locations

Disadvantages of using WordPress

We have already noticed that everything was not perfect. And although we continue loving WordPress, is necessary to recognize that also it has his disadvantages, although some can be solved, sure, in time or money. We see of what we spoke:

Limitations for nondeveloper

WordPress will give enough facilities you to obtain an elegant Web and of professional aspect. But you are not developer, you can be with functional limitations of design or. In this case, the only possible option would be to find plugin perfect your idea or to count on WordPress developer, as WarPathConfidential.

Continuous technological advance

We have already spoken of this in the advantages to use WordPress. Then, how it is that also it is a disadvantage? Coverall for that they are nascent, or does not control the code absolutely, the updates of WordPress can bring worries. The versions of WordPress are updated with certain frequency, reason why the subjects and plugins must be updated also to adapt to certain characteristics, in addition to own updates to improve aesthetically and functionally.
Sometimes, these updates, coverall if they are nothing else made leave, can generate errors in the view or the functions of our Web. It is necessary to have special well-taken care of with this, coverall if you have a store online, Webs that offer some service or sites of certain importance.
Then, we wouldn't have to update? The updates in the great majority of the times are not going to fail and contribute improvements. The key would be not to immediately update when it appears a new update of plugin important or a subject. If it appears some problem, the developers are going it to fix in the coming days and to send a new update. When he is stable then already is safer to update. Eye! That you must maintain your WordPress updated, with good practices, but updated.
Another option would be to have specialists for the management of your Web, to avoid all kind of problems. It contacts now if this it is your case!

By all means, backup copies! We always must have backup copies that endorse any critical error that we can commit.

Slowness of the platform

We have already mentioned that WordPress offers infinity of subjects and plugins to please all almost. But this can also be turned into a problem. A Web with a subject that is not optimized - or that offers multitude of functions (as many subjects multipurpose) of which we will use enough few or with too many plugins installed, and some of much weight, because to turn your page into a heavy and slow tank.
For this, there is plugins that can help (we know it, more plugins for your Web loaded of plugins¦), as for example one good one of cache and optimization of archives, as WP Rocket or plugins for optimization of images, as, that enchants to us. Another option is to use a CDN, as CloudFlare, that is gratuitous.
Although the ideal would be to have somebody specialist who optimizes the Web completely to you, analyzes plugins and the subject used, optimizes images, etc.

Bonus: Security

WordPress security

WordPress has been object of many critics related to the security and vulnerability.

In his homes, we cannot assure to you that outside the safest platform of Internet, but its evolution in this aspect has been very remarkable and nowadays is a CMS rather surely.

How no, we have enough plugins of security available for our Web, in addition to many tips of security that we would have to follow when installing and to use WordPress. We will speak of this other day, because he is not something of two lines, although can mention the typical ones of not using ˜admin ˜as name of user of the administrator, changing the URL so that your panel of access is not, safe passwords, to maintain your WordPress updated, etc.

Webs of great companies that use WordPress

We left a small relation you of Webs of reputation companies that use WordPress:

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Mercedes Benz

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The Microsoft news

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Open Basket

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Sony Music

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Some stores online:


Mikasa lies down online


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Regalador lies down online
Therefore, if you are thinking to create your corporative Web or lies down online with WordPress, or to contract an expert in the matter, we, doubtless, animated to you to do it and to have presence online, so important nowadays. He contacts for more information or budget without commitment!