Of fast form, what is Digital Marketing?

They exist multitude of definitions for the word marketing and I am not going to shell all here, but what yes I am going to answer with which I create the best meaning for me, who although can be useful for me is not enlightening at least. There it goes:

Marketing is the set of used tactics to favor the diffusion of an element or set of elements

Already it is? Good, it is a definition quite simple but near the reality, because perhaps isn't the last aim of marketing the propagation of a message in certain channels? Multitude of types exists, such as viral marketing, but today we are going away to center in explaining either the concept to understand or its meaning.

History of Marketing

Philip Kotler, considered father of present marketing, he associated the terms social and necessity at the time of defining his meaning and I ask: he doesn't sound to you of something? It is a social necessity that we have the individuals and organizations to locate what we needed. Therefore, the term social networks one clearly sees exemplified in this argumentation, and it so extremely seems to me revealing that I am not going to enter more details. What yes I want is to distinguish between marketing and sales, since I have already commented it in post previous that spoke on as increasing sales in 5 steps, he is not the same to sell that to urge on sale. We will enter more detail a little more down.
marketing strategies

Brief explanation

When it spoke of tactics, it wanted to me to refer to the use of tools and processes of analytical taking to end this task. And when I speak of tools I am talking about to webpages, social processes, projects of design, visual contacts and a long list of others, that their main Core does of the marketing strategy. We suppose that we are a company that makes shoes - I know that it can be a very rotten example and we want to make arrive at our potential clients our product through a channel on line. The first doubt that arises is How we do it? , Who does? , What we contributed? The answers to these doubts you have them in an agency of digital marketing as CajºnDigital, which will analyze the sector, the competition and suitable channels to transmit the message. Once we have the channel - in this occasion is a most important Web site in a marketing strategy is to segment the objective publicto elaborate a marketing plan that contemplates a series of action to implement so that the objective of the campaign - that in this case is to communicate the possible clients where we are and what we do is taken to end successfully.
I am not going to you to deceive, is not easy to do all this without some knowledge nor an intensive practice. In order to dominate marketing you must know how a little programming languages - yes, you have read well since at some time the campaign you will need to include a code fragment to measure with guarantees the results of the campaign. In addition, you will have to be very observant, because the data can be especially revealing and, therefore, the intuition is necessary to obtain the wished visits. To all this we added to him that to make that our product or service is tempting, the image of our brand he is crucial at the time of teaching what we want. The graphical design plays a determining role in this point. More and more the principle prevails of Divides and You will win, but mainly to be able to delegate functions they can have a positive effect in the technique of marketing mix.


When we spoke of marketing we are speaking of the set of techniques and strategies necessary to increase the sales of our business, to implant a suitable vision of the strategy of the company and to improve the satisfaction of the client every time the product or service has been offered. We can say that, to the thread of the new social events, different types from strategies can be defined to reach the agreed objectives, but do not have to lose of view the needs of our clients, as well as their sensations with our standard.