You want to increase the sales of your business? If you have responded of affirmative way you are of luck - not only because you are human since I present a definitive guide to you to obtain what you set out in your enterprise trajectory. Often usually we lose of view that one reason why we move, and to have a structured strategy helps us to put center in the things important to follow the noticeable passage. So nonsubjects, this way is full of sacrifice, work and analysis, but the reward can be greater than you had imagined.
After one it releases trajectory in the oriented commercial sector towards sales, I can state that the majority of directed actions to obtain clients was not planned or, if it were it, one was not moderate correctly and it was not possible to be pivoted on the march. For that reason I would like to share you yet five steps that will take you to the enterprise success. You are preparations?
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Sales or Brand. It defines Objectives.

He is not the same to sell that to transmit. He is not the same to obtain clients who following faithfuls, as well as are not the same to transmit image name brand that to contribute value with your brand. Therefore, the first question that all professional or company must become is what I want to really obtain? , the sales is the aim of all campaign of marketing? Perhaps your company which needs is to use a social network to transmit image name brand or to realise a campaign in possible specialized platforms to obtain leads (or potentials clients), later to be able to increase sales. Once we know what we want to reach, will be necessary to consider two factors to be successful: budget destined to the campaign and inverted time.

It segments to secure more Sales

Another logical, but for that reason not used thing. With segmenting I am talking about to idealize to our ideal prospectus (sounds well, truth) to do an idea to us of its composition, characteristics and needs, with the purpose of creating an empathy map (creative tool in which we put name to him, age, social profile, I interest, tastes, needs, frustrations to our client target). Once made that image, we will know in what channel usually looks for information on our product, needs nonsatisfied, meeting points with our brand and how to face a strategy of marketing adapted for this consumer. It is already possible, with Facebook for example, to make an estimation of the public considered to that we will be able to hit, although you do not forget that there are services as NSI, through what we will be able to extract great amount of data to do an idea to us of the challenge which we faced.

Strategic operations implement

Once analyzed all the commented one previously - that is not little, we must put in march necessary the commercial law actions to us, or in other words, to happen to the action. And although it seems a thing of perogrullo, the certain thing is that many entrepreneurs I have seen fail by the famous phrase Paralysis by Analysis, that comes to say something as well as that we cannot be all along analyzing without happening to the action. It is clear that we do not have to be masterful nits to achieve the success with our initiatives, but is something you do not know to do exist multitude of alternatives, such as to take the course that you need to happen to the action (the same only you need a channel in Instagram to sell), to contract to the services of experts “ attention spoiler: in WarPathConfidential | Agency Digital Marketing  we will be enchanted of atenderos- or search the collaboration of people in our surroundings who dominate the matter. Really, multitude of options successfully to take to end a strategy of integral marketing, but remembers to happen to the action.

It measures results of Sales

What would be of present marketing without the famous KPI's or measurements? In the digital surroundings that we move nowadays, the possibility of measuring the results is an invitation to the improvement and continuous improvement. For this reason, we valued of positive form that each data that is collected is analyzed according to the importance of the project. In addition to observing very insolent graphs, we will be able to intuit certain aspects of our clients who we did not know completely and who will bring things very positive if we know to implant improvement measures - last point of this list. For it they exist multitude of tools - gratuitous and payment that we will see more ahead in a series of post dedicated to marketing tools. An advice more: you do not forget that behind so many interminable data, graphs and tables real people as you and I hide, so she tries to observe these data with that prism.

It recycle

In the previous step we have seen how our strategy has evolved until the point to obtain a series of metric with incalculable value. Therefore, it is hour of which we return to point one and we pause to think and to compare data; we have secured the objective to increase sales? From a flow chart (that is not more than you downwards shoot with an arrow with questions and answers) in that can here be organized values each passage with objectivity and verifies if we were in certain with ideal ours target or, if on the contrary, we have to change of strategy since we have observed a new behavior which we had not anticipated.
Now it is necessary that you take brings back to consciousness about which you want to obtain, because you have already seen that it is possible to increase sales but also it is possible to reach to market sectors that previously you had defined as an image in a paper. Very important to measure, to measure and to measure, because it is the only form to advance, to secure more successful campaigns and to transmit confidence with your product or service.