In our first post, where we inaugurated our blog, we want to speak to you of the important thing that it is to create a page of Facebook for independent companies, SMEs or.

To create a page of Facebook for companies

In the world of marketing and the digital world, generally, everything is ephemeral. For which tenth ones that is thus? Very easy: All, or many of you, you will know the social network Tuenti. Tuenti was born as a social network for young people and who, nowadays, are only one OMV (mobile virtual network operator). That is to say, the digital world is in constant movement and evolution.
At the moment, we spoke of Facebook as the social network with more growth and with more penetration in the market, since 86% of the Spanish internauts, who are 19,2 million Spaniards, use RRSS, and of them, around 91% Facebook uses.
The average profile of the user of Facebook is 39 years old and with high level of studies, since 46% have university study. Therefore, the conclusions that we can remove here are two very basic ones, at the same time as key: The great repercussion of Facebook at state level with a very open market and very many clients. And on the other hand, the economic potential of the users.

To create a page of Facebook for independent companies, SMEs or is obligatory to day of today.

Tutorial: How on Facebook to create a profile of company of easy way.

The page of company profile is easy to use and to create, with only having active account in this social network. With our account we will be able to administer all the others, without having on Facebook to create a new profile with the account of mail of the company that we are going to create.
Shelp this, we began with the Guide-tutorial:

  • Since I have told you before, in our personal account we can activate the one of company. We must go us to the menu of the left of our screen, in the part to explore, and only punctured in pages.

It explores Páginas Facebook

  • Next, we will be with a screen where they show all the pages to us that we are managing and, if we do not have any, will leave emptiness to us. Well, in the menu of above, we found the button To create Page.

  • Once we have punctured in Creating Page, Facebook asks the type to us of page that we want to create. Evidently, in our case as company, it is a business.

Type Negocio Facebook

  • Once we have clicado there, we entered a form that we will have to fill up with the name of the company and the data. It is very important to fill up them well and that they are updated.
  • If we have passed all that proceeding and one has forgotten to us to put some data, it we can fill up in the section information that it is in the menu of the left.

Información Página Facebook

Facebook is a social network that has much reach and that the public verifies constantly, it is a very important communication channel with our users or clients. From this page we will be able to make official notices, to send supplies, to warn of some labor schedule modified and any newness with respect to the company.