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In WarPathConfidential, to part of to be specialistic in design Web, also we dedicated ourselves to one of the aspects most important of the Web, the positioning SEO. The objective is to turn all those visits that we must in purchases or position a product or a post with a good content so that soon to generate leads.


Study of Keywords

Analysis of key words by which the clients will look for your services or products.


Information SEO

We realise complete analyses on your Web in search of improvements or failures that are penalizing to you.


Optimization Web

Web Optimization Performance: To analyze and to improve the optimization Web to increase its speed.


Analytical Web

Analysis and interpretation of your visits to improve the ratio of conversion Visit/Purchase.



All these aspects are important but SEO ON PAGE is the base of the SEO of any page. To structure well your Web is very important.



To take traffic to your Web to generate services and purchases is most difficult. It is necessary to use many techniques among them: Link building



Announce to you in Google Ads and Facebook, increases your visits and increases your sales. But SEM without SEO nor WPO does not take to anything.

What is the Positioning SEO?

The Positioning SEO is not as you think that they look for to you if not how they look for your clients.

Search engine optimization or optimization of web search engines are the process to improve the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different finders. Also he is frequent to name it by his English title, SEO (Optimization Search Engine). Source: WIKIPEDIA

The SEO is one of the parts of the digital marketing that more specific has become and more changes have had until the present time. With the updates of the algorithm of Google, Penguin and Panda, among others. The SEO was based on the repetition of certain words that you wanted to position now and, is based on a complex algorithm with more than 200 factors. According to the great experts of the SEO (Optimization Search Engine) the SEO means everything for the user.

And within all those factors that exist in that algorithm which just a few privileged they know, are two that is fundamental: The authority and Relevance 

Of the relevance SEO On Page is in charge (optimization of keywords, speed of load, experience of user, optimization of the code Web and format of URLs) that is in charge of which the Web is structured so that the web search engines (Google) understand it with related words and key words that describe to your products or your services.

And the Authority is basically whatever of popular is a webpage its content is more valuable, of the phrase very common in the SEO the content is the king there. That also it influences much in another section SEO that is SEO Off Page, who is what we cannot control, as for example: That a post becomes viral in the social networks, newspaper mention that becomes echo of notica viral.


And if you need a department marketing or you need to contract to Positioning SEO , you do not doubt in calling to us or contacting with us by means of the contact form.

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