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Graphical design Cadiz

Specialists in Graphical Design

An image is worth more than thousand words. A done phrase that lasts in the time and that its meaning is full. It sent is question here What is the most determining reason for normal user standing up at the time of buying a car? Piensenlo and reads the text of more down.

If the great brands do it because you are not going it to do. If bets by graphical Dise±o , call to us and request budget.



We create your content name brand, we created your name (Naming), and give form to your idea to shape it.


Corporative image

Logo, flyers, applications of the brand, creation of corporative image



We create, we designed all the content of a brand as far as carteler­a in any size.



Within corporative design there are many applications of the brand, and the label is one of them.


Calling cards

The first image is the one that gives our impression. A beautiful card is a great letter of presentation.



Action of combined traditional marketing with digital marketing is the perfect mixture.



We design your letter of agreed restaurant to your corporative image so that your image gains presence.


Manuals of identity

How to know how to use your corporative image and because it is a necessary knowledge.

What is Graphical Dise±o?

The creativity you did not sew in a new way, but in a new vision. Edith Wharton.


What is the graphical design?

The graphical design could be defined as the art to realise combinations of text and images with the purpose of to communicate a message effectively. Another form simpler to define the graphical design: the creative and technical activity that consists of transmitting ideas by means of images and text.

To day of today, the graphical design appears in infinity of scopes, from the sector of the publicity to Internet, happening through the publishing industry, packaging or the se±al©tica.

Who is the graphical designer?The graphical designer is the person in charge from which the information arrives, through a visual support, of a clear way, attractive and effective to the receiver.

Considering this definition, a graphical designer would be located between the artist and the signaller, so, we could say that the designer is a visual signaller.

One of the things that we must consider is that the functions of the graphical designer go beyond the creation of a series of small drawings and pothooks, as much people can think, but the work of the designer is to execute the work of the best possible way with the use of its knowledge and abilities.

What makes a graphical designer?

  • So that we become an idea, next we are going to enumerate a series of professions that could develop the professional of the design:
  • Design of corporative visual identity/
  • Illustration
  • Design of packaging
  • Designer of graphical interfaces
  • Carteler­a/Banner
  • Text model-making
  • Photography
  • Vinyls


This would be the summary of the most common professions that usually it carries out a graphical designer, although is habitual that some of these activities are realised jointly for the elaboration of a concrete work.

Nowadays all we can get to consider us designer at some time graphical, since daily we can we used programs and platforms in which we can publish or create some visual content. Nevertheless, he is not the same to have to disposition the tools that to have the vocation, the talent and the dedication that the office of the graphical designer needs.

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